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TTextras are open educational resources, such as games, podcasts and videos, that help people understand more about fair tests of treatments.

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This video provides an example of the application of the scientific method to the claims of quackery! Featuring Emily Rosa, the youngest person ever to publish in the prestigious JAMA — Journal of the American Medical Association. تابع القراءة »


“FDA approves new drug the first drug designed to treat the symptoms of excessive perkiness.”

This humorous video by the Onion illustrates some of the tactics used to push unnecessary treatments or “sell” sickness.  The video uses a fictitous treatment called “Despondex” for this purpose, تابع القراءة »


“A New Epidemic” is a humourous video parody of the tactics used to “sell” disease by some organisations.  It uses a fictitious disease called Motivational Deficiency Disorder to make its point.
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In this video tutorial, Amanda Burls explores the ways in which evidence about the effectiveness of genetic testing can be misrepresented in advertising
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Statistically funny is a blog by Hilda Bastian containing her own cartoons illustrating important concepts in research and evidence-based health care.

“The comedic possibilities of clinical epidemiology are known to be limitless.”

You can follow the cartoons on twitter or sign up for email alerts
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CASP UK helps people to find and interpret the best available evidence from health research.

It is part of an international network that shares a commitment to self-directed learning and promoting better understanding of science.

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The UK National Institute for Health Research HTA (Health Technology Assessment) programme assesses the effectiveness and value for money of new health technologies.

On their website you can browse HTA research projects, find out about funding and get involved in the HTA programme.
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This group has created a website and discussion forum in the fields of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) and multiple sclerosis (MS).

The website is run by Canadian health researchers and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  It contains an 11-minute visual lecture that explains many of the key issues in Testing Treatments.  The concepts are explained in an accessible and compelling manner.
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People in Research connects researchers who want to involve members of the public with members of the public who want to get involved.

There is:

  • a library of videos explaining what it’s like to get involved in research
  • a database of current opportunities to get involved
  • researchers can register to add their own projects to the database
  • you can sign up to get email alerts of new opportunities that match your interests.

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The Center for Shared Decision Making is a US organization dedicated to encouraging doctors and patients to make decisions together.

Some healthcare decisions are easy. Others are not. Often, there is more than one choice, and each will have its own risks and benefits. The “right” choice depends on what is important to you. We can help.

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